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At Cadence Physiotherapy Canberra we provide a holistic approach to your care aimed at alleviating symptoms, understanding the contributing factors to your presentation, and prevent further injury.  

Sports Physiotherapy

Diagnosis and rehabilitation for any sports injury including:

  • Muscle strains

  • Joint sprains 

  • Overuse injuries 

  • Joint stiffness or instability 


Post-Operative Rehabilitation 

In consultation with your specialist your rehabilitation program will be customized to your particular needs/goals and will focus on a return to sport as required.


Manual Therapy 

Includes a wide variety of techniques to improve movement or address pain caused by stiff joints or tissue.


Dry Needling

It is an effective treatment tool for addressing soft tissue tension and neuromuscular overload. It works by both locally at the site of your injury to release tension and in the brain to inhibit the pain pathway.  

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