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Cadence running group is a weekly running session aimed to build strength, agility, speed and endurance with a focus on running on different surfaces and inclines. During sessions, running technique and gait is assessed to ensure efficiency and minimise injuries. 


When:            Tuesday 6am to 7am

                        Thursday 5:30pm to 6:30pm


Where:          National Arboretum. 

                        Daylights Saving - Meet at upper carpark near the main                                 building and playground.

                        Non-Daylight Savings:  meet at lower carpark near the lake                           (national rock garden).


What to bring: Head torch during winter. I recommend the Petzl neo or                                 equivalent to provide sufficient light for running.

Cost:               $90 for a 6 session pass

                        *Rebate available through Private Heath Fund

For further information, please email us.


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